About Our Fish

Steelhead and Salmon
The Pacific Northwest has long been known for the once great runs of salmon and steelhead that returned to their natal rivers to spawn. Over the years these numbers have decreased significantly due to many factors including habitat degradation, overfishing, poor management and human ignorance. Even with all of these negative influences salmon and steelhead continue to return to most rivers. The fish most sought after by the recreational angler is the steelhead, which are known as the ultimate sportsfish. Due to their declining numbers many rivers have now been managed with catch and release regulations which allow a recreational fishery while still offering some protection to the fish by the use of barbless hooks and artifiial lures only. Even on rivers without these regulations it is a good idea to use barbless hooks to minimize the damage to any fish the angler chooses to release. To find out more about the fish we encounter on our rivers, select one of the links below.

Winter Steelhead
Summer Steelhead
Chinook Salmon
Coho Salmon
Chum Salmon
Pink Salmon
Sockeye Salmon
Rainbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Dolly Varden & Bull Trout