Video Shorts

The list below is a small library of some short videos we have taken over the last few years. These are mostly lighthearted clips of some steelhead outings I have had with some buddies. Hope you enjoy them.

Not Quite Ready
A nice native winter run steelhead that was not quite ready to be landed.
Wild Steelhead Release
Releasing a wild Hoh River winter steelhead.
Can't Get 'em All
Summer steelhead float & jig fishing.
Airborne winter steelhead
A nice little acrobatic winter run hooked on the fly rod on the upper Hoh River.
Summer Run Fun
A fun light tackle summer steelhead episode filmed in SW Washington.
Quinault River Winter Steelhead
A nice little jump from a native winter run on the Quinault River.
Humptulips River Steelhead
Short underwater video clip of a Humptulips river winter steelhead. Video submitted by Jeff King.
Calawah River Summer Steelhead
Video clip of a summer steelhead in the sunshine